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  1. Problem starting

    I have a full hmf competition series and a lexx fuel controller on my kfx.i think It might need some help with the tuning because it has problems starting. It also has a very touchy throttle right know to. for example when you are coming out of a turn and your holding the throttle steady it...
  2. Fuel controller settings

    I'm am new to these forums.I have a 2013 kfx 450 with a full hmf exhaust and a lexx fuel controller (3 buttons setup) and I was wondering if anyone is running the same setup and what setting they were using.
  3. lexx fuel controller help

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hi everyone. I searched the forum for lexx fuel controller settings and I am currently using a suggested setting of Mode 1... 3.5, Low rangemode 2...3.5,*mode 3... 4, Mid rangemode 4... 4.5,*mode 5... 6.5,*mode 6... 4.5 high RPMs. I have a fuel customs intake with modified airbox no lid, and a...
  4. new here with ?s

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and new all together to the kfx450r. Something about it just stood out to me so I just went for it and im glad I did. 08 kfx450r dmc slip on, air box lid off with unifilter, HID lights. Runs great for the most part but in higher rpms its getting a little bit of bog...
  5. Quick Questions about bolt ons.

    Member Introductions
    OK, so I have an 09 KFX450r that is running like a champ. The quad is all stock except a K&N Replacement filter. I just ordered a DG slip on, K&N Proflo kit. I had read on a forum of a guy using the intake tube from a LT500 and modifying it to replace the pancake tube on the KFX. So here are my...
  6. New to Kfx, EFI Question

    I'm looking at trading my 400ex for a Kfx450r this weekend. I've always dealt with carbs on my other 450's/400's so I was curious what the most cost effective way to go is for doing an exhaust. It already has a K&N so that's covered. What I'm not too sure on is a programmer for the EFI. I know...
  7. EFI programmer settings...

    So I bought a Two Brother's EFI controller (from the forum!) and I've been playing with the settings... My current setup on my KFX450 is: K&N intake, no airbox lid stock motor Stock pipe (and I'm really close to sea level... Michigan) My current settings for the programmer are: cruise: +1...
  8. KFX Fuel Pump Problems, HELP!

    So I was connecting my new headlights a few days ago and I don't have a headlight run switch or anything its just a toggle switch on my front hood but all I did was connect the head lights and the switch to a toggle switch and put every thing back on. It all worked well and looked nice until I...
  9. do i need an efi tuner with a slip-on? KFX450r

    i'm fairly sure that i need an efi tuner to run any kind of slip on or intake mod, but i've been seeing a lot ppl neglecting to buy one and just using the original fuel mapping... is that safe for my engine?:confused: