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  1. 2008 kfx 450r leaks oil need suggestions

    I stripped out the oil drain and had a heil coil installed but still leaks oil is my only option a new case? If so where can I find one?
  2. oil leak help....

    General Discussion
    I have noticed an oil leak on the bottom case of the engine in the seam. Its leaking just behind the oil plug in the seam of the case. Any advice on how to fix this and will it allow any water in the engine oil? Thanks
  3. Rebuild mechanics around Central MN?

    just wondering if anyone on here knows of a good shop that i can bring my quad too for an engine rebuild? i cracked my case but everything else seems to be ok, but i work in north dakota so i have no time to tear it apart until late spring and i want it running asap. so if anyone knows a...