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  1. Starter problem!

    Just got a 08 kfx450r off a guy on a trade know it had a starter problem. But I'm having a hard time diagnosing the problem. I figured replace the starter and good to go lol. When I push the start button it kinds of sounds like it just spins inside. If i put it in gear and rock it. It will...
  2. battery compartment

    my 2009 kfx450r battery sits in a holder up front obviously but has no cover on it. The top of the battery is just open and there is nothing that fastens it in what normally holds the battery in
  3. Starting/Running Problems

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    I recently purchased a 2008 KFX450 knowing little about quads and the after market mods on the bike. From a second/third owner who knew less than me about quads. Problems: 1 :The bike wont start with the electric starter (bump starts fine) The temp dash light does not remain on. The battery is...
  4. HELP! I kill it and it won't restart

    Hello, I have been reading this fourm for quite some time, but have never had a need to post. I haven't found anyone anywhere with this problem and don't have a choice! I have a 2010 450r with exhaust and a K&N filter through the stock intake tube. Stock displacement and no aftermarket...
  5. Electrical Problems Help!

    Important Information
    Alrite my 08 Kfx 450r runs great when it runs but it's the second time I've replaced the battery in the last two years and the latest ones dead now too! I replace the battery and it starts and runs fine but after it sits for more that a day or so it will be completely dead. I've tried to charge...
  6. KFX 450R Battery

    General Discussion
    Hi, i need some help. i have a kfx 450r and to put the power cut on when I turn off the bike, avoid spending unnecessary battery? my bike was a week without turning on with a new battery, and no longer starts. Thanks. Tiago Oliveira
  7. Quad won't start. Please help

    Important Information
    Ok so my little brother left the key on the other day after riding my quad real quick so when I went to ride the battery was dead. I had someone waiting for me so I decided to take out the 75 amp or watt( not sure what it's called) charger for quick starts. The red piece fell off the battery...
  8. Not enough cranking amps??

    anytime I start my bike, if I've been riding all day or if I just pulled it out of the shop, it half way turns over... Pauses.. Then starts up. Has anyone else had this problem? Or know how to fix it? it felt like a bad connection, so I cleaned up my starting button and all the...
  9. Trying to charge battery

    Hey guys, I've got a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I recently in the last two months bought a like new kfx450 and one night after returning from the ride I left the key in and on in the ignition. The battery died and now I just bought a trickle charger. So i was just...
  10. KFX450r hard starting

    General Discussion
    I have a 2008 KFX 450r that has had a hard time starting cold ever since I got it. I had read that this was a common problem but would go away once the bike was broke in. Thinking I was just having bad luck with batteries I have been thru 3 of them. I now have three good batteries. The problem...
  11. Starting troubles

    Important Information
    Im trying to figure out the starting problem with my 450. Here goes: I am away at school and only see my quad once or twice a month and it doesnt always get ridden. Seems like every time I go to ride, it tries to turn over for a second then just hear clicking. But a little time on the charger...