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  1. Lonestar MX axle

    For Sale / Wanted
    Lonestar axle (10-55). Straight. As pictured. $200
  2. WTB Stock axle

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a stock axle in good/great condition for a 2009 kfx450r. thanks
  3. Dominator Axle Registration

    I bought the RPM Dominator II axle on eBay. I know the full lifetime warranty is non-transferable, but is it still worth registering the serial number? If so, how do I enter this in? Has anyone else ran into this issue?
  4. Lonestar Axle

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale - 10-55 Axcaliber axle for a KFX450R. Adjustable from +1.5" to +4.5" with the six (three on each side) spacers included. Straight. $200 shipped UPS ground in the continental U.S.