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  1. Checking Interest

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm trying to sell my atv as is in my area but if that doesn't work out, I'd like to sell my aftermarket parts and put all the stock parts back on. Just checking interest on the parts I might sell. I have the following parts: Elka Stage 4 Long Travel Front Shocks Elka Factory Standard Travel...
  2. Widening Kit

    Anybody see the front end widening kits on ebay? It relocates the mounting points for the a arms and shocks outward. You guys think it works well? Also was wondering if you could do away with the shock mount ones and use, say, a yfz450r shock which is 2 inches longer, and has more travel, I...
  3. HELP! Gibson Arms, Shock Measurements?

    I need some help getting measurements with Gibson a-arms! Baldwin Motorsports doesn't have the measurements they need to build my new PEP shocks for my Gibson arms. I just got my frame and parts back from getting powdercoated so I'm not able to get the measurements yet. I'd hate to have...
  4. What would happen if i ran long travel a arms with stock shocks?

    What would happen if I ran long travel a arms with the stock shocks
  5. Looking for new or used a arms and maybe shocks

    General Discussion
    I currently have everything internally on my quad hooked up and now am working on external parts. All that I have so far is a new DG bumper and nerf bars. I am looking for long travel a arms preferrably +2 or +3. I would also be interested in new shocks and anyone can name a good price. If you...
  6. KFX450R Magic

    Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, I'm a new member and I just wanted to get some input. I just sold my beloved KFX400 last week and I'm picking up a kfx450r here sometime in the near future. I'm pretty knowledgeable about most things but I want to get some raw feedback on a couple things. The KFX450r im going to...