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  1. 2008 race ready KFX 450r. Consider some trades!!!!Low hours. MUST SEE!!!!!! - $4000

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is my wifes ATV and just found out she is pregnant. This is too nice of a bike to just sit in the garage. Built for trail riding/cross country racing. It is a extra clean very low hours 2008 KFX 450r with reverse. It is an all alumunium frame, fuel injected, four wheeled speed machine. Here...
  2. 08 kfx 450r many mods

    For Sale / Wanted
    for sale is my 08 kfx 450r its a great bike funs awesome and has no problems its set up as a dune bike but still very rideable. it has the following mods: high comp piston 14:0:1 ported head web cams lockup clutch with billet side cover aftermarket coil dynojet programmer fuel customs intake + 4...
  3. Chain adjusment when switching to a 15T front sprocket

    I switched to a 15 tooth front sprocket because mostly everyone says it is better but now i have a problem getting the right slack in the chain. its at the point where one extra link is too long and if i take it out its too short. when i turn the adjuster clockwise(toward you if your behind...
  4. TPS adjustment Q

    When you guys are setting your TPS, the service manual says, "Let bike heat up thoroughly, then check." Well I check the output voltage at 3 different times, here are my results. Bike cold - .44 After running for 2 minutes - .58 After running for 7 minutes (coolant fan running) .65 Now I...
  5. 08 kfx450r for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm at work so I can't post pics yet plus I'm new to the site so I have to learn how to use it. I will post pics and video of the bike tonight when I get off. Its going for $3800 and is in great condition. Unfortunately I'm about to take a long vacation so I won't be needing it anymore, and its...